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The country works hard to eliminate sexism and bigotry from the national psyche and maintain saying you should marry an Australian girl for the sole purpose of landing ashore the Lucky Country. But the truth is, when you fall head over heels and marry an Australian citizen, she has the capacity to bring you over home and make you a permanent resident or even a citizen, too. And look at the benefits, the country has an amiable climate, friendly people, awesome tourist spots, a diverse culture, and great cities to live in.

So your culture won’t shock her anymore, at least not that much.

We merely highlighted the good and general traits embedded in their character as part of their national identity and culture. They might not like you right away, but at least you’ll have a fighting chance, and not treat you like you have a restraining order from them.

Who hasn’t heard of Margot Robbie utter a word and didn’t think “OK, that accent is melting me?

Meanwhile, Aussie ladies have been doing these for decades already.

Australia works on an egalitarian principle, meaning everybody is being given equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities regardless of social status, education background, race, and gender.

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” Aussie accents is up there with British and South American as one of the most likable in the world.

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