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He also finds weird and mostly unasked ways to not exactly compliment you, but letting you know that it’s okay to be you because he gave you the permission to…?

For example, you post a selfie with a caption about loving your curls and he replies saying that you should love your hair because he likes them.

Even if I wish they all had the social intelligence of Trevor Noah, most of them just don’t.

Being close to my 21st birthday, I can say that I’ve seen a few try to slide into my dm's and red flags were usually quickly raised.

He’ll come up to you after pushing his way with practically every white girl present and finally sets up for you because he drank too much, and he’d like to make out with someone before passing out in a corner of the room.It is not your job to take every problematic white puppy under your locks to make him understand the world. He doesn’t make uncomfortable jokes about your complexion, has NEVER touched your hair without your permission and never asked for it either.Jake is not a broken toy that you should fix, you’re busy and deserve better. After many Tinder matches, after many cringes at parties and a lot of dm's left on read, you finally found him. He tells you you look great in bright colours and that your hair is cute, mostly when it’s a little frizzy.You already see yourself having two mixed babies (Jayden and Noah, obvi), going on camping trips and binge-watching Lord of the Rings as a family activity even though you have no effin’ clue what these movies are about. They are not charity cases and you don’t have to prove you’re nice and attractive. Mostly after mentioning type two, this might seem like an improvement but not really.They might seem oh so different, but they have one thing in common—they will most likely make jokes about you looking or tasting like chocolate and give you some racially contorted nicknames and that’s just a HELL NAH (I swear, if I hear one more dude tell me they just looove chocolate cake with a wink emoji, I’ll snap).

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