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Usually the registration in the most popular dating sites is free, and with it is enough to enter the page and see what it looks like.In order to be able to contact people it is normal that the user must purchase a paid or premium subscription in order to be able to access all the functionalities of the page.The quantities that are usually requested vary quite a bit from one page to another.Many users turn away when a service is for pay, but the truth is that it is normal to do so, as it is an excellent filter to differentiate between people who are serious and those who are not.Oh and their i Phone and Android mobile apps are free to use if you’re a full member and they work well too. So you don’t need to trawl through hundreds of profiles of people who you’re not really compatible with, just trust in their matching system to bring the right people to you. See our article v e Harmony to help you decide which site’s best for you.The thing we like most about e Harmony is the way their profiles are put together and designed – not just cleverly and thoroughly but also so that all the information is very clear and orderly, easy to read and understand.The matchmaking really begins in choosing the right site for your requirements.

We also really like the way the design – the profiles are clear and concise, not trying to overpower you with information yet at the same time there’s usually enough essentials to help you decide.

Here’s our lowdown on the top 10 dating sites in the UK for 2013.

We’ve stuck with paid for sites for this list but will be following up with a top 10 free dating sites list soon.

Have you been looking for a reason to put yourself out there online (other than your mother’s borderline stalky behavior in pursuit of grandchildren?

) Dating sites have more than one draw to the perpetually single and some of them may surprise you…

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In just a few years, internet dating sites have become one of the preferred ways of socializing for many young and not-so-young people in our society.

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