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According to WE, the couple's similarities are part of the problem, and even prompted Aubrey to move out of their shared home.Sounds like things are pretty strained between them, but Garland is an interesting guy all on his own, so even if their relationship doesn't last, that doesn't mean he won't gain some new fans when Marriage Boot Camp returns on Friday night.O'Day, formerly of Danity Kane, is currently in a new group called Dumblonde with Shannon Bex, one of her ex-bandmates.Similarly, Garland is also in the music business, as a singer and former member of a group — just like Aubrey.Travis Garland is the lead singer from an old boy band NLT (Not Like Them: 2003-2009) The band broke up around late 2008 but was confirmed by Garland on his blog in early 2009.After the band broke up, Garland went solo, signing onto Joe Simpson's (Jessica Simpson's father) record label.Boy bands are a gift to anyone who loves ridiculous things.

A few years later, NLT was signed to a major label deal working under the direction of Geffen Records Chairman Ron Fair.Garland's big break came on reality TV, post NLT, with, as EW says, "the support of the world's biggest gossip blogger turned music mogul, Perez Hilton, who brought Garland to the attention of Idol producer Simon Fuller." That gave him the boost he needed back in 2010.Garland posted this raw footage of a rehearsal for a live performance on Youtube, and even though it's clearly practice, his voice sounds good — definitely not a guy who's only good through headphones.Garland posted his own remake of Justin Timberlake and T. I.'s Dead and Gone remix on youtube, which was found by Perez Hilton. Travis Michael Garland (born 1989) is one of the lead singers and the youngest member of the American Pop/R&B boy group NLT.

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