True dating violence story

Read More Dating abuse starts even younger than you think, and in teen relationships can be a common occurrence.

Many young people perceive a partner's controlling behavior as love or affection, when it is often the first sign of an abusive relationship.

When there is open communication, respect, and trust, sex can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

If you aren’t ready for sex, saying “no” or “I’m not ready” is still perfectly fine because there is mutual respect....

Recognizing the severity of the crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, leadership from both sides of the aisle worked together to enact...

Read More Being in an abusive relationship can cause one to feel like they have lost their sense of self.

Her work includes fighting for a bill to expand the use of trauma-informed techniques in responding to sexual assault. Read More Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault advocates collectively raised our fists together in solidarity with the #Times Up movement makers at the 2018 Golden Globes.

This is yet another headline grabbing moment when celebrities and activists are united to bring urgent attention to the epidemic of of...

Read More Among the many obstacles you may face in relationships, determining when your partner crosses the line can be a tricky one.It’s a unique time where you learn about your partner, explore each other’s wants and needs, and spend quality time together.During this period, you begin building trust and figuring out where the relationship can go in the...Read More This blog post is originally from and all rights are reserved to the author.Abby is a rape survivor/thriver sexual assault advocate.

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