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So that was the craziest rumour that I will put to bed...

That was not true."Keough, who struck up a friendship with Stewart on the set of their 2010 biopic The Runaways, has since been spotted back with her former fiance Alex Pettyfer.

’s rioting teenage fans are known, have been camped out for weeks at premiere locations in the hope of glimpsing Robert Pattinson (Team Edward) or Taylor Lautner (Team Jacob), a preference as important to this generation as Dylan or Brandon was to the Catalanos.

You already know all this; is virtually inescapable at this point, even if you’ve never set foot in a Hot Topic.

An insider dished to Metro, “She talks about keeping it real and low-key and then wants an elaborate glamorous Baroque affair.The pair never spoke publicly about their romance, and kept it very private, but were photographed together on numerous occasions while they were dating.A celebrity gossip source says that the split was entirely amicable, and that the actor is currently dating again, but is not in any exclusive relationship.And, if they did set a wedding date, they will probably break up again two or three times between now and December. , she reminded us that she's the same 'ole KStew she was during her blood-sucking premiere days—right down to the heels-tossing and the hunk she's standing next to.

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