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This uses the decay of carbon and the ratio of C-12 to C-14 to determine the age of the artifact. It is also not very accurate for more recent artifacts.Using all of the information about the artifacts, including context, typology, dating and more, archaeologists can piece together the events and culture of past society.So not only do we have a typology based on the type of ceramic, but we also have typologies with determined dates of manufacture for each of the different shapes and forms of decoration.

An aspect of a site that is only horizontal, such as a road, is not a feature.

A typology is a system that uses physical characteristics to place artifacts into specific classifications.

In the case of a dating typology archaeologists use the physical characteristics to identify the artifact within a specific type that correlates to a specific date or range of dates.

An example is a frequently used fire ring will leave evidence behind in the soil, but it cannot be moved with the occupants.

After archaeologists have excavated the site completely, or to the extent the project planned, they fill the site back in and take the artifacts to be analyzed.

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We are in the final stages of processing the 2015 Fort Hunter collection and have begun to inventory the artifacts.

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