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Meanwhile, OKCupid requires a lot of thought in developing your profile to maximize the quality of your matches, and allows you to be very specific about your interests and what you are looking for.

Wang personally met his partner on the app Coffee Meets Bagel.

“We would love to keep it open past March 24,” Malan said.

“We thought it would be easiest to have people submit by a deadline, and then we’d open it up (again) and continue to match, but we want to wait to have a certain number by the deadline.” And unlike many other dating websites, Single Sphere is currently free for all UC Berkeley students and alumni, and Malan would like to keep it that way.

“Within the first few days of putting the website up, we got thousands of responses,” Malan said.

“And we’ve received feedback from several people saying they’ve gone on dates or plans to go on dates in the future.” As of now, Single Sphere is only open to specific universities, not only because it will take time to develop its main department but because Malan believes this is the best way to broaden Single Sphere’s user network.

As long as students submit their profiles by the March 24 deadline, Single Sphere will match them up either by hand, an algorithm or both, and notify them of their matches within two weeks.

And they’re not as hard to master as you might fear. “I’ve always believed that everyone has a market when it comes to online dating,” Wang said during a Facebook Live event on Valentine’s Day.

student in UC Berkeley’s sociology department who studies the cultural differences in online dating between people in New York and Shanghai, two of the world’s largest cities.

If you’re not looking for a life partner, Tinder, Hinge or Grindr might be for you: they’re less text-heavy, and built around your interactions with multiple (or even single) photos.

People using it are not putting in a huge amount of emotional effort: someone might look at one photo and swipe.

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