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In which case, don't you think there's even the slightest possibility that one of those 10 girls you didn't pick was actually hoping you would pick her?

Hehe looks like you can dish but you can't take Good luck and fingers crossed you meet someone though I have zero game and zero confidence with girls.

Personally, I agree with one of the above ^ saying that she might have thought you were cute at the time and then changed her mind.

I think a really good rule when it comes to girls AND guys is "don't make them your only option".

The girls there will be getting much more attention than in a normal non-dating-focused situation.

Didn't you say that YOU chose 4 out of the 14 girls to get in contact with?

It was a fund-raising event so I was aware that a lot of people there weren't really taking it all that seriously, but I thought I'd try my luck anyway.

Turns out 14 out of the 20 girls I talked to wanted to get in contact afterwards and for once I felt like I might actually be getting somewhere. I'm not too fussed about the other girls, but I'm really disappointed that the one I asked out just hasn't replied. It's not easy for some girls to admit that they don't wanna keep in contact, if they know they're gonna see you round the room again at some point later that evening.

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I don't understand why she would just ignore me afterwards when I try and follow it up. She thought you were cute at the time then changed her mind once she saw your Facebook pictures? Now that you've made that amazing step in speaking to more girls, you can probably look for more in several other places - there's bound to be a girl who would love to get to know you better?

She's decided to get more serious with a guy she was only 'seeing' at the time? There could literally be a thousand reasons why she didn't!

So those girls were probably thinking "There's a possibility I'll want to get to know this guy" whereas you were probably thinking "There's a possibility I'll get to know this girl".

Don't worry OP, usually things like speed-dating, dating websites etc all that bullcrap attract girls who want the ideal "prince," when most of them are not much more decent/intellectual/talented/hardworking than an escort.

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