Updating a perl module fwith cpan

You can run RT on the vendor Perl on your system as long as it meets the minimum version requirement.

When you run as part of your RT installation, you'll likely find that the RT will require you to upgrade some of the dependent modules to newer versions than those provided in the vendor packages.

Perl 5 gained widespread popularity in the late 1990s as a CGI scripting language, in part due to its then unsurpassed regular expression and string parsing abilities.

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) is a repository of over 250,000 software modules and accompanying documentation written in the Perl programming language by over 12,000 contributors.

Perl has been around for a long time, so many different versions are installed on systems everywhere.

This document reviews some of the options and pros and cons of different approaches.Also, the system Perl is also often used by other utilities on the system and modifying the default Perl too heavily can introduce issues for these other applications which might rely on an older version of a module, for example.Consider these factors before modifying your system Perl.Many packaging systems restore the system to the official packaged version of software when updates are applied.Since a Perl update is likely to have many or all packaged Perl modules as dependencies, this means an update to the vendor Perl will restore all of the modules you upgraded to their previous version.

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