Updating a recordset in msaccess 2016

My plan is to create the recordset within an On Load Event then parse through the recordset with a Do.. Is it possible to pass just one record from the recordset to the module? Other possible solutions I've considered: Direct answer regarding Recordsets: For Recordset objects used by Access (DOA -the default used by Access, or ADO) the short answer is "No".Regrettably there is no concept of a "Row" object in these older data models, so you cannot pass all values of a particular row independently of the Recordset.The negative point of this option is that multiple users will be unable to access the database for long periods of time.

The key parts of the Transaction processing are bolded. Workspace Dim special As String Dim visitor As String Dim visit_date As Date Dim Engine As String Dim rst As DAO. Try splitting a complex query into two or more queries in order to give the user a rapid response. Use a make table query when it isn't possible to split up a complex query. Field1, " 0 Then Engine = "Yahoo" Go To write_it End Ifwrite_it: With rst2 . The Edit record option ensures that access locks a record the moment a user starts the editing process and then lock is released when users saves the changes.This locking method is called as pessimistic locking.

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