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So if you need a full-featured smartphone with superior sound quality, the Palm Treo 755p is the best choice.Released with Palm's now typical - and utterly baffling - lack of PR fanfare is a native Facebook client for their Palm Centro, Treo 755p and Treo 680 smartphones.The program is an updated version of the app already available for Blackberry handsets and is gives social networkers all the touchy-feely gubbins they need to keep connected every second of their waking day.Packing a comprehensive feature list, the program lets you send and receive Facebook messages, and respond to friend requests, receive News Feeds, change your status - and check your friends' status updates on the go - browse and search profiles, post messages to friends' walls, and send friend requests.We provide an extensive hardware section, daily and weekly news updates, great interactive features, resources, software, help choosing a PDA, and more.

We have to say that we found the program horribly addictive, firing off photos from our phone at the drop of a hat, and nervously checking friends statuses on Saturday night to make sure they weren't having more fun than us.

The Treo 755p is a smartphone developed by Palm, Inc.

It was released on May 15, 2007 as the first CDMA Treo without an aerial antenna.

A handy 'Contacts' tab aggregates all your friends phone numbers, letting you view your no-doubt impressively hefty list of chums and dial or text them directly.

Best of all, the phone camera's can be used to snap pictures and then instantly upload them to your Facebook account, or select pictures already on your phone.

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This Treo has a form factor similar to that of the GSM Treo 680, and is equipped with the full Palm OS.

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