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Now, there are many things that Linux provides in term of CLI like source based distro for personal customization, so, why would anyone still be wanting to come to BSD(Free, Open or Net).And above all, what are the pros and cons of using BSD instead Linux?recently in linux, ifconfig was retired in favour of ip.people can discuss pros and cons for this, but there's a fundamental reason for it: linux ifconfig was neglected for really doesn't happen in the BSDs as much, because developers of a BSD feel a stronger responsibility for everything that exists in their repository in source form, but there's less responsibility for "it's just a package, there's thousands of them" and "it's someone else's problem", even though that someone doesn't actually exist.there is a much stronger shared responsibility/guilt for the entire base and it is reflected in not having to change implementations every few years because they rotted so the BSDs have a much bigger system in base than a typical linux distro, so you get that extra attention by a group of people over a larger part of your system.If you were to boot Linux you'd get hardware initialized and then be stuck with a warm box slowly running up your electric bill, obviously that's not what you asked, but it's an important distinction.Then if we go with the colloquial use of "Linux" to refer to any number of distros, we'd still be comparing apples and oranges, since I can talk to you about why I like Hardened BSD and Dragon Fly BSD, but that won't match why people like Open BSD, Net BSD, Free BSD, Trident, etc.As a user why would ya'll will recommend BSD to anybody?

Realized I was using CLI more than the desktop Ubuntu 16server and ran headless.

Imagine telling a Windows user mostly interested in gaming how great your favorite Linux distro is because you can use a command interpreter to rebuild packages from source, if that approach worked, it's unlikely we'd still see Windows dominating the desktop market.

Regardless of what else you read here, I strongly encourage you to look into the BSD family of operating systems.

Another is the BSDs in generally usually only do what you tell them to.

Most Linux distros automate a lot of things or complicate things and that can lead to odd behaviour over time. They're usually simplier operating systems that don't do much behind the scenes.

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