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If you got this model of phone from another mobile provider in NZ, it can be upgraded to enable Wi Fi Calling, see below.If you are using a 2degrees broadband plan to make Wi Fi Calls, we will not charge you for the data you use.If you are overseas and you have no mobile coverage, this emergency call over Wi Fi will fail.

For Corporate networks, your IT Manager might need to enable IP Sec connections from inside the network out to the internet.

There are a few phone functions that are not supported by Wi Fi Calling: Wi Fi Calling works and is charged “like you are in New Zealand”, no matter where you are in the world.

If you are roaming overseas, then calls will be charged as if you make that call from NZ.

If the Wi Fi you are using to make Wi Fi Calls is not “free” or connected to an unlimited broadband plan, you will incur broadband charges from your broadband provider for the data you use making Wi Fi Calls. Wi Fi Calling only uses about 1MB of broadband data per minute, so 1GB of broadband data will give you approximately 1,000 minutes of calling.

It's super easy to activate Wi Fi Calling on your device when it's supported by your model.

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