Updating catalyst drivers

AMD Radeon Software is targeted to support all function blocks present on a GPU's or APU's die.

Besides IC targeted at rendering, this includes display controllers as well as their SIP blocks to do video decoding, Unified Video Decoder (UVD) and video encoding Video Coding Engine (VCE).

Open CL support will be lost, but it can be recovered by copying the relevant files from a previous package like Radeon Software 15.11.1 Beta. Open GL 4.5 available for GCN with version 16.3 or higher Open GL 4.x compliance requires supporting FP64 shaders.

Before Eyefinity, there was the Windows-only software "Hydra Vision", a desktop/screen management software mostly providing multi-monitor and virtual-screen management. Some AMD products contain SIP cores for audio acceleration branded AMD True Audio.

Support for this audio acceleration DSP co-processor is part of AMD Radeon Software.

The device driver also supports AMD True Audio, a SIP block to do sound related calculations.

AMD Radeon Software supports the following AMD (and ATI-tradition) product lines targeted at rendering: Starting in Catalyst 14.6 AMD has enabled mixed resolution support, allowing for a single Eyefinity display group to be created while each monitor runs at a different resolution.

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ATI Catalyst Control Center is software used to unlock capabilities of AMD graphics processors.

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