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Here is the issue: Plugin Manager Part 2 : The update status UI I've been working out some wireframes of how the process might look, and I wanted to share them with the planet to see what people thought of them.So without further ado: What’s really behind the success of Drupal 8?The settings for the Update Manager ( admin/reports/updates/settings ) provide a few key settings: Running updates on OIT Web Hosting is essential to ensuring that your site remains safe and responsive to every user.

$ ./vendor/bin/drush pml --no-core --status=enabled ------------------ ---------------------- --------- --------- Package Name Status Version ------------------ ---------------------- --------- --------- Chaos tool suite Chaos tools (ctools) Enabled 8.x-3.0 ------------------ ---------------------- --------- --------- git rm --cached docroot/core git rm --cached docroot/modules/contrib git rm --cached docroot/themes/contrib git rm --cached docroot/profiles/contrib git rm --cached docroot/libraries git rm --cached vendor That's it!

We’re trying to provide a way that users can get the same user friendliness of a package manager like Synaptic.

Where updates and new installs are just a few clicks, no geek gadget belt.

In this tutorial we'll: By the end of this tutorial you should know how to use Composer to install, and update, Drupal modules and themes.

Create a new Composer-managed Drupal application and install some Drupal modules and themes.

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