Updating game and ad information

For example, if you built a 2X world instead of the default dimensions you will need to go into the new World and change the dimensions to 140X140, just as you had in the previous version.

If you changed Time Of Day or plant growth rates or something like that in Eco you will need to go apply those changes in the new files.

The last thing to deal with is your configuration files that you have changed.

Do not copy your old copies of these files back into the config folder.

In the past, we used GALMOD, but I think that's pretty dated now.

Object creation as well as updating group membership is possible as well. IMI GAL Modify is a small utility for Exchange Admin to modify the Mailbox attributes on MS Exchange Server 5.5.

These are just the general steps to use for straightforward updates.

First you will want to save your backups and your saved world as well as your configuration files.

For other configuration files that have not been edited, in most cases you can just copy the ones you already had edited with your settings back in.

It's always wise to make a quick check and compare your old version with the latest to see that they are the same and its okay to continue using them.

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