Updating itunes artwork

You have to drag the artwork somewhere else (the desktop for instance), clear it from i Tunes, remove the files from i Tunes, import them again, then drag the artwork back onto the album.

I don’t understand why i Tunes just can’t write the metadata at the time instead of just storing it in the i Tunes cache.

[NOTE: 16th December 2018, I’ve placed an update at the bottom of the story, if you can’t be bothered scrolling, the main protagonist of this story has been resolved]Apple held their annual World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, the 4th of June and and as per usual the new Mac OS was announced, but this isn’t about that. What I do have, is closing in on 4000 Compact Discs that I’ve spent countless hours archiving and making redundant copies of.

It’s about i Tunes and few things that should be fixed before they try to cram even more into an already bloated product. They are in Apple Lossless (ALAC) with all the relevant metadata and cover art, saved in a particular folder structure. I noticed, as of a minor i Tunes update released around the start of April (which now persists to the current version, that a lot of my cover art would no longer show in my library.

What kind of code optimisation did removing that right click option provide? When I listen to music with i Tunes, I want it to play the files I’ve added to my library.

I don’t want my i Tunes purchases, or any other files for that matter that I specifically didn’t load, to appear. Case in point, I created a “Smart” Playlist the other day for jazz.

I have tried almost every other software application I can find to manage my music catalog and i Tunes still beats them, which is alarming.

These guys did the The Transformers : The Movie hard rock theme dammit.i Tunes on Mac OS and Music on the i Phone (and obviously the i Pod where it came from) were once great music apps. If you need these applications to continue to be what they are because of cloud/streaming/music/store etc, then why can’t you also give us a stripped back version? To everyone else that read me bitch, I appreciate that too.

This isn’t an issue if your files never leave i Tunes but if you want your files to display cover art somewhere else, Sonos for instance, then it’s annoying.

Apple also removed the right click context menu to convert file formats.

However in earlier versions, it loaded the cover art as expected.

Here is a screenshot from a brand new install of OSX Sierra on a Virtual Machine with reduced specs from my Mac Mini (just to rule out processing and memory).

Search for updating itunes artwork:

updating itunes artwork-21updating itunes artwork-25

This was really odd as it worked perfectly before the update.

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