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One caveat to enabling auto-sync of _is that the references are potentially ordered in the wrong way. Personally, I haven't had any issues and I've used this in many projects now.

With these two new commands, you can now decide if you want auto-sync or if you prefer to just update the references whenever you are in the mood.Whenever a file is added, renamed, moved or deleted, the _file is automatically updated to reflect the changes.Right-clicking on the _file in Solution Explorer now gives you two new options: The first is the Auto-sync Java Script References.Formatting Versions: 2008,2010Published: 12/13/2010Code: vstip Edit0087 By default, Visual Studio will format JScript functions and control blocks with the open brace on the same line as the declaration: Without getting into the big debate about whether this is good or bad, let’s assume you…The _file controls a key part of the Java Script Intellisense in Visual Studio for web projects and can mean the difference between awesome Intellisense and none at all.

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