Updating moodle

Finally, disable maintenance mode and check your website.

If everything is fine, you can delete OLDSITE folder.

You can fetch the current version of the software through wget forget to make moodle/(and the rest of the source code) readable by your www server.

For maximum security the files should not be writeable by your server.

To update Moodle, perform the following operations, using the command line.

First log into the Moodle Box via SSH, with your admin password.

Once you are done with the upgrade process, you can turn off the Maintenance mode on your site.If you didn’t change it yet, use the default main password Moodlebox4$.Visit then in your browser the URL and follow the update instructions, like any Moodle installation (read the documentation).Upgrading your Moodle seems like a very complex task, but it doesn’t have to be.Here is a simple guide to upgrading your Moodle instance to the latest version.

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