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ROME is a mighty empire, and you will hold this empire in your hands. Collecting resources, building tents, bases, invading territory…Train your soldiers, teach them archery, use swords and other weapons.The touch screen will show all your soldiers and other options.

Refer to this document if you encounter difficulties with one or more aspects of installation or running the Rome: Total War game.

Anyway to my problem: Why is it that steam or Sega or CA or whoevers fault it is, make the game unplayable OFFLINE without updating?

I don't have enough monthly internet usage to update or buy FOTS but not letting me play normal Sogun 2 or ROTS in offline mode kinda sucks.

Total War: Rome 2 added female generals in an update this past March.

Recent negative Steam reviews for the five-year-old game are complaining that the spawn rates for females has been increased.

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With the touch of touch, you can control a mighty army. You can also use the tactics to win over enemy troops without the loss of troops The graphics of the game are perfect; all the information is fully displayed, suitable for everyone.

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