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Back in early April, Oppo shocked the AV world by declaring that it was ceasing production of its UDP-203 and UDP-205 4K Blu-ray players.Since then, owners of those outstanding decks have been worrying about whether Oppo would continue to support them with future firmware updates.However, firmware upgrades may be applied by downloading the upgrade and burning them onto a recordable or rewritable DVD and loading it on the player for installation.As of September 2018, the latest firmware release for the BDP-S1 is version 6.10, which was released on April 12, 2012.The player has received firmware updates since its release, the most recent one being released in 2012.The Sony BDP-S1 does not come with a built-in ethernet or Wi-Fi connection; therefore it has no online capabilities.

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And we’re not talking here about some vague, distant promise (like the ones we keeping getting from LG with regard to the necessary Dolby bug fixes on its 2016 OLED TVs! In fact, according to my Oppo contact, update 60-0601B is set to roll out ‘in a day or two’.

I’ve even been provided with a link to the page on Oppo Digital’s website where the update details and file will appear: https://

Please note, though, that at the time of writing this link currently returns an error message, and will continue to do so until the update has been published.

For those of you not familiar with the background to this Sony/Oppo Dolby Vision situation, when Sony added Dolby Vision firmware to all of its TVs equipped with X1 Extreme chipsets, it turned out that external Dolby Vision-capable sources such as the Oppo 4K Blu-ray decks also required a separate update before they could deliver their DV goods to Sony’ s TVs.

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