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Retribution allows players to track their last killer by showing their health and location, while Power Seeker guides players to the power weapon pickup in the game.The Resupply Timer, meanwhile, shows the respawn time of the power-up items.It also features environment traversal, character upgrades, and the ability to perform executions known as "glory kills".The game also supports an online multiplayer component and a level editor known as "Snap Map", co-developed with Certain Affinity and Escalation Studios, respectively. The single-player campaign, graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay received considerable praise, with reviewers crediting the game for recapturing the spirit of the classic Doom games and first-person shooters of the 1990s, whereas the multiplayer mode drew the most significant criticism.

Similarly, the chainsaw returns, but has been reintroduced as a special-use weapon Many of the levels have multiple pathways and open areas, which allow players to explore and find collectibles and secrets throughout the levels.

Each of the weapons' firing modes can be further upgraded using weapon tokens, but they can only be maxed out by completing a challenge related to that particular firing mode.

Runes transport the player to a separate arena to perform a combat challenge that grants different abilities when successfully completed, such as better equipment drops from fallen enemies.

Many of these collectibles can be used as part of Dooms progression system, including weapon mods, rune powers, and Praetor Suit upgrades.

Weapon points come from field drones and allow the player to unlock alternate modes of fire for many weapons, such as explosive shots and different rate and output of firepower.

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With Snap Map, players can create maps for different modes, ranging from single-player levels to co-operative or competitive multiplayer maps.

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