Updating system caches timeout 60sec dont worry nothing fatal

Historically, /var/log was /usr/adm (and later /var/adm), thus the name of the group.

Kamion : daniels just went through xorg and tore out a bunch of obsolete conflicts/replaces which will make it in the next upload, and I'm going to mangle mesa beyond repair, so we may get it worked around.setite: There all different.

Download: Ive been haveing problems with my java installation which is needed to load minecraft. In the window that appears, open the .minecraft directory, and delete everything except for the saves directory that you see therein. Don't presume that everything anyone says is meant for you.

Paste your text there, click Create Secret Gist, and give us the URL the site takes you to, and we can see what you have put there.) can use the full sources.listi think it would be best to at recognize the high rate of backport usage and give users an option to "show only security and bug fix updates" - perhaps the default option - via an altnerate sources.listif I need to create a new package, either I find the last roughly-similar one I did and borrow off it, or I just write it by hand - I've been a Debian developer for about four and a half years so it's kind of second naturebut in practice, I spend most of my time either (a) dealing with incoming bugs, thinking about why they're happening, debugging, and writing fixes, (b) writing code to implement new features, (c) testing CD images and netboot installswill https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Package Dependency Management get done for breezy?specifically, will apt & synaptic remove the dependencies of a package you want to remove that were installed merely to satisfy dependencies Next time someone sees our friendly dpkg maintainer can they poke him with a stick until he gives us the "Doesn't really depend on, but if it's installed, it needs to meet these constraints" header? Members of this group can read many log files in /var/log, and can use xconsole.This is not a user support channel, it is for discussion about development of ubuntu, Please see #ubuntu for user support, for that sorta thing you probably wanna ask google.janimo: the point is sync works by source package; a) if you ask for a binary, I have to go and work out what source package to tell my tool [not much work, but it adds up across all sync requests] , b) if you ask for a binary, it's not obvious you know the other packages are being synced and have checked the implications of it Kamion: permission for a update-notifier upload?it works correctly with the new gamin now (new gamin changed the meaning of a field in the FAMEvent structure under certain conditions and that breaks u-n)New script that uses the oo2po script from pootle, it will be executed in the openoffice.org2-l10n tarball so it creates a po/ directory storing there the and files and a file per language available on that sourcepackage.

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