Updating the bios hp and compaq miljonair dating programma

- Fixes an issue where the system may stop responding (hang) while performing memory scrubbing when the system has 4 GB or more of memory and has multiple graphics cards installed.- Fixes an issue where Replicated Setup incorrectly saves the Year field to CPQSETUP. - Fixes an issue where USB keyboard LEDs are not set correctly when the keyboard is connected through a high-speed USB hub.

- Sets the internal USB port description to "not user visible." Internal USB devices are no longer displayed as external devices.- Adds support for hard drives that are larger than 2.2 TB.- Fixes an issue where some USB Smart Card keyboards do not function prior to booting Windows.Version 1.24 - Adds FAT12 (floppy) formatted USB key support.USB devices with this file format are now bootable.

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