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The first generation of combination storm windows was a flimsy bare aluminum contraption that didn’t seal effectively or operate well.In addition, a pane of glass was often left in the upper position leading to the top sash becoming painted shut and ruining the functionality of the double-hung window.The new window companies like to proclaim you will save huge amounts of money on your energy bill by installing their products, and that the energy savings will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

The “solution” to swapping out the screens for storms was to install a combination storm and screen window.

(Many people don’t even know their top sashes are supposed to move!

) Unfortunately, many of these old storms are still in place today A lot of our old houses have their original window sills and casings wrapped in aluminum.

This system also consisted of exterior storm and screen windows made of wood.

When properly maintained, these windows worked very well.

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Furthermore, aluminum wrap obscures the great architectural detail of an old house and can make it look “cheap.” Many owners of older homes who are considering upgrading their old windows are intrigued by so called “jambliners.” This system involves removing the weights and pulleys from a double-hung window and replacing them with fiberglass insulation.

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