Updating windows 98 to 98se

Auto-Patcher includes: Internet Explorer 6 SP1, Direct X 9.0c (October 2006), Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 SP1, and Windows Media Player 9.It also includes every update that has been released by Microsoft and every unofficial update posted on MSFN - It also includes optional components like .NET Framework 2 and the System Policy Editor for Windows 98SE. The only things missing are the other unofficial service packs and update packs that are floating around.But there should be nothing critical from those packs missing from Auto-Patcher.some things never change The unofficial patches only add bloat, change the appearence and are simply pointless if you are not one of these people who are desperately trying to run all sorts of modern stuff on such a computer.As far as unofficial patches go, I find that NUSB is all you really need if you have that rig just for gaming.On topic, I was never able to locate any "all-in-one" update packs authored by MS either.

I did not install this myself and can't guarantee that it does what it's said to do, but it may be worth a try.there has GOT to be an unofficial download somewhere where I can get these!!!I just formatted a Windows 98 computer and reinstalled Windows 98 SE and it runs worse than it did when ran with all the junk from the guy who threw the computer out on it!!!(ie: I'm sticking my foot into a possibly hot water situation.) First - there is nothing wrong with using Windows 98 (se or otherwise). For instance - I am typing this from my Windows 98se Firefox browser.This can be verified by looking at the logs and finding where I logged in to Bleeping Computers.

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