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Think of it as a tool to find the needles in the haystack!- [Voiceover] On Khan Academy, we pop up the oh noes guide to tell you when there's something wrong with your webpage. There could be other things wrong with your webpage too, things that aren't quite right according to the HTML specification. So let's say the image was here, alt equals photo of Tim Berners-Lee next to computer and let me copy and go back up, paste. Our web spider will crawl your site and check up to 5,000 pages for HTML5 conformance and accessibility, with a single click.You can also submit an XML sitemap to specify exactly the pages to validate, for increased performance.The days of validating HTML 5 one page at a time are over!If you have hundreds or thousands of pages to validate, Rocket Validator can scrape your whole site and in a matter of minutes give you actionable information about pages that need help.

That's why it's a good idea to run your webpage through the W3 validation service.

You can easily connect your site with Rocket Validator, so an automatic site validation is started when you deploy a new version of your site.

Compatible with Heroku, Netlify, Github Pages, Engine Yard, Cloud66, and other hosting platforms.

Until I found Rocket Validator, this was a task that took hours, (and honestly, rarely got done).

One of the key factors in robust web development is markup validation.

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May 21, 2008 AM Hi, Validating Web Site is important. If you don't want to validate, you can set your project to "No Build" or "Build Page" before running startup page.

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