Validating gst registration numbers

In such a case the supplier can collect tax in the form of CGST SGST or IGST from the recipient but does not pass it to the government.

This is a genuine worry, as there can be scenarios where a person could claim ITC by creating bogus inward invoices.

You can search GST Number on the website and let the authorities [Noida / Gurgaon] know of the any illegality by e-mailing them and also call them at [email protected] | 999 / 999.

Consumers must make efforts while paying any invoice to ensure that the GST number mentioned on the invoice exists at to ensure that their hard earned money goes to the right pockets when paying for a GST invoice.

It provides access to all business-related accounts, including the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and HST (Harmonized Sales Tax.) As of July 2015, you can contact the CRA about your BN or GST account by phone or online. Your GST account with the CRA will have 16 digits, made up of your BN, the letters RT to indicate a GST account, followed by four unique numbers.

The BN is different from the Business Identification Number or BIN, which is a 9-digit number used in Ontario to identify provincial business accounts.

There are two ways to verify GSTIN online instantly: It has also come to notice that the guys have devised innovative ways to fool people and ultimately the government.

They just put an alpha-numeric code, against the GSTIN heading to dupe the consumers, which unarguably resembles a GSTIN.

There could situations where the supplier may use fake GSTIN ID and supply the goods to the customers.If you cannot locate your BN or GST account number on your paperwork you can contact the CRA at 1-800-959-5525.To get an access code to review your GST account online, you can contact the CRA at 1-877-322-7849 from within Canada, or 613-940-8528 if you are calling from outside North America. To access your GST account online, you will need an Access Code. If it has been misplaced, you can enter certain information on the Access Code Online website to get a new number.Our service is comprehensive and uses proprietary technology to assist in the process.We offer a Lookup Tool, software designed and written by DMA tax technology professionals that will automate the supplier validation process.

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