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Therefore, it is the responsibility of every laboratory to investigate the analytical performance of the tests performed on the various fluid types accepted and to provide a context for result interpretation.The Importance of Body Fluid Chemistries A review of the variety of patient specimens that are submitted to the clinical laboratory illustrates that several major fluid types do not fall into conventional specimen categories.A retrospective analysis of data from the laboratory information system (LIS) can identify frequently ordered tests involving body fluids.At our institution, we identified five major fluid types and a total of 28 analytes as routinely ordered (see ).

Using reagents outside their intended use defaults the test classification to high complexity.

Strategies for Validation The approach to validation of body fluid specimen testing for chemistry analysis is similar to that of other validations performed in the laboratory.

outlines an example of a typical workflow required to validate a series of body fluid tests.

The first step in adopting the CAP body fluid checklist item is to decide which tests require validating.

CAP requires validation only of body fluid tests that are routinely orderable at a given institution.

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