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What people usually don’t know is that the most of venezuelans are hard working people of spanish descent without much native american blood.

Some of these questions we can easily respond, like Hugo Chavez (ex-dictator (ops)) and baseball (the sport number one in Venezuela).

Even, if I met a few venezuelans , I decided to google it and discover what the world thinks about venezuelans.

Venezuelans are a mixture between lots of ethnic groups so we can’t describe the Venezuelans with physics stereotypes.

Remember, it’s just a stereotype, doesn’t have to be right, and please don’t get emotional over stereotype.

Simon Diaz is a very important singer on Venezuela that represents them as a country. He sings a typical type of music in Venezuela called “Musica Llanera”.

Some generalization about Venezuelans could be that we usually do not follow the rules, for example in the streets, and driving.In the other hand, Venezuelan people, give a lot of importance to friendship, and when you have a friend, it is important to be by her or his side anytime, because, for as, truly friends, can be count with one hand.Finally, I think that Venezuelan stereotypes, are nothing but south american stereotypes with similar tastes, and thoughts and this kind of stuffs.Because if you say you have nothing they will not believe and just shoot you.– The ideal of feminine beauty for Venezuelans is considered a full-figured woman of “guitar” body type.On the 16th anniversary the best gift for Venezuelan girl is considered an operation to put implants in the breast and thighs.

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