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It dawned on us in the still of the night that we were standing at the spot perhaps to the hour, eighty years on, where Vera, Ruth and Raimund had called at the building after being told by the Nazi official to leave their house before dawn or else go to prison.There they asked their pastor if he could help them – but he was very embarrassed, said he couldn’t and they had better just pack their bags and go. They took a train to Munich station, where an SA officer threw them out of a restaurant they wanted to have breakfast in.

Kristallnacht happened in Dachau a day earlier than elsewhere in Germany, so that first night away from home would have been when Kristallnacht happened in Munich.Jon Gordon (ss) on c; (as) on a; Mark Turner (ts) on a-d, f-j; George Colligan (t) on f, i; (p) on b, d-g; (org) on a, f, j; (key) on c, f, i; (d) on h; Kurt Rosenwinkel (g) on h, j; Drew Gress (b) on b-d, f-i; Howard Curtis (d) on a-d, f-g, i-j.De Werf Kris Defoort (ldr), Pierre Bernard (f), Emmanuelle Somer (ob), Mark Turner, Jeroen Van Herzeele (ts), Laurent Blondiau (t, fh), Geoffrey de Masure (tb), Michel Massot (tu), Kris Defoort (p), Nicolas Thys (b, eb), Dré Pallemaerts (d), Jan Kuijken (vc) Pierre Bernard (f) on e; Emmanuelle Somer (ob) on e; Jeroen Van Herzeele (ts) on e; Laurent Blondiau (t) on e; (fh) on e; Geoffrey de Masure (tb) on e; Michel Massot (tu) on e; Nicolas Thys (eb) on e; Jan Kuijken (vc) on e.BMG Delfayo Marsalis (ldr), Wessell Anderson (sss, as), Branford Marsalis (ss), Mark Gross (as), Mark Turner (ts), Scotty Barnhart, Wynton Marsalis (t), Delfayo Marsalis (tb), Victor 'Red' Atkins, Kenny Kirkland, Marcus Roberts (p), Robert Hurst, Reginald Veal (b), Jason Marsalis, Herlin Riley (d), Jeff Watts (d, bd, cym), Kimati Dinizulu (per) Wessell Anderson (sss) on i; (as) on b, g; Branford Marsalis (ss) on a, d-e, h-i; Mark Gross (as) on c, h-i; Mark Turner (ts) on b-c, f-i; Scotty Barnhart (t) on b, h-i; Wynton Marsalis (t) on c-d; Victor 'Red' Atkins (p) on b, d, f-g; Kenny Kirkland (p) on a, g; Marcus Roberts (p) on c, e; Robert Hurst (b) on a-b, e-i; Reginald Veal (b) on c-d, g; Jason Marsalis (d) on b, d, f-g; Herlin Riley (d) on c; Jeff Watts (d) on a, e, g; (bd) on i; (cym) on i; Kimati Dinizulu (per) on i.Mark Turner listed as Mark 'Nat' Turner; Kimati Dinizulu listed as Kimati; Marcus Roberts listed as Marthaniel Roberts. Trumpet on b recorded at Blue Moon Studios, Havana, FL.

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