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When you’re starting a project using a technology which is still in alpha/beta status, sometimes things break. NET Core supported it, I created a resource file in my project.

I created a new project with it in the beginning of 2016, using . I needed to show localized messages, so I as soon as .

This hotfix can be downloaded from: Studio/Downloads/Download Details.aspx?

Download ID=27117 The update addresses the following Connect bugs: If you continue to experience these types of issues after applying this fix; please let us know immediately.

I have allready got code in place to detect modifications to ascx files and invoke a custom action without using the single file generator approach, but it sounds like i should probably switch mechanisms to this new approach to fit in better with the cps ecosystem.

Thanks for finding it ( I'd searched this forum, but didn't know about that one ...

I am really struggling trying to get ASCX files working with my project system.

I created an item template that brings in the ascx, code behind, and designer files, by creating a vstemplate like this: This works in that I can add these files to my project system.

If by any chance you have deleted your .and you wanted to regenerate it or you wanted to update the .file when you put new controls on your page.

In this post we will show you how to force the Visual Studio to regenerate your .file.

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You can send these issues directly to the Web Development Tools team via a DL we have setup for direct feedback on anything web development related for this RC.

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