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We could get the radio across the Gulf proper in those very hot and humid days/nights. -Steve Samuel, -Saira Sequera, -Nilakshi Herath, -Dilan Grero, -Dilshad (Mafia assistant), -Ashutosh (Re joined), -Diana wong -Florence Tabug -Celedonia (Re Joined) -Terassa Gonzalez -Bong (Re joined) -Ranju Rai -Jenifer Andradi......... .......wonder if that glamour u see on pics are found in reality at QR ???

.....u will see QR celebrations in NYC with celebrities such as Diana ross!

Aber auch die nobelschlichte Architektur der Patrizierhäuser, welche die Grachten Amsterdams säumen, laden zum Träumen ein.

have not seen old people having sex so I can't comment on that !! no one said you travelled qtr or ek on the way back. I am sure will visit Doha one day when my schedule permits. (Somewhere near the boys building)hr - hey where are you old chap? Salam, as to figures will it must be tens of thousands now, what is the current staff numbers like, ours were 4 numbers lol beginning with 1, still remember mine to this day. It's so nice to read familiar names and it really brings back the good old days of QR, when everything was relaxed. It obviously got me thinking about some old days and then I stumbled across this thread again.

I am sure you will agree with me that whenever you have the chane to chat you will chat a littel about that thing. People who are posting here(in this thread) are not writing positive or negative, they Merely posting what they have lived one day and the sweet memories they still carry about that place. chicdolly - why are you mentiong the names of females that went out with mohamed the sudanie? ...10 years ago.....:ouch: Anybody got an estimation...figure im sure is amazing..a ""5 stars"" airline...swede , well i found a current crew one, and a 1997-2001 but what about a All X QR Crew one, where all crew who were there can join and see some off the many faces.

also why not mention the person after bm, equally corrupt and yet again your good friend until he too let you down and then you went on a trip about him. A300 Man, Johanna Ysrael was the CSD so that was nice to see her. It is sad to see the crew looking so stressed on the flights but, as always....working so hard. 11223344: the only kiwi I know at QR is Neil Finlay, so other than that I have no idea what you are on about and quite frankly I don't care mate. I remember Al Mansoura, my fellow crew from the Philippines. Now that 11223344 has been removed, normal service can resume: Ah, Mansoura, built on a graveyard and yet full of life! Remember MT and SW knocking on my door to find me blasting music with only my guitar covering my Dignity! Cheers HRnot sure if this is the right place to post but just wanted everyone who reads this who is ex qr RIP Marie Armstrong passed away on 18th April, everyone might remember her as being the Housing officer looking after the crew, RIP Marie and our thoughts are with you Emma FLCI havent been to Pprune for a very long time and was thrilled to come acros this thread.

fyi - the incident occured because - as always - you were heavy on the drinks. kw was common knowledge amongst the crew, including ms. now cut the snigger and stop pretending to be the full time loyalist that you claim to be. 2 people that kept you in place were bg (aussie or kiwi bloke) and a-mk. ps: Would you come back to QR if there was a "regime" change? ..........all the ex staff can you please stay away, even if a regime change was in place - big favor to qr. The Facebook groups about Qatar Airways crew are fascinating. There is one particular group which is dated 1998-2000. Good to see some of the following names amongst it: Faye Lamb / Julie Nicholls / Annah Lewis / Martin Moore / Mark and Mandy / Chandani. Yup, I have good memories of THE LIBRARY in THE RAMADA Hotel. Ramada was Happy Hour Heaven and there were still some names carved into the bar top last time I was in the place, albeit several years ago. Had the pleasure of being on a Qatar Dreamliner the other day. So: anyone got the gen on whether any of the following are still at Qatar Airways?

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you claim to be successfull now dont tell us poor souls that you aint working equally hard. bye for now dearie and try not to get the cold feet. She wore a lot of eye shadow and must have been around 5'10.

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