Warning signs dating men

Although you’re itching to get away, you feel trapped.

And since you don’t want to be rude, you feel stuck listening to the ‘story’ they’re telling you.

The very warning sign that was designed to keep them safe…As you will learn from this post, much of this is about social conditioning.

When a man shows up being a little too charming, nice or helpful most women are not conditioned to say,“Thanks but did you not hear me say f’off the first time?!

In most cases, that person (for whatever reason) may just have needed to find some way to connect on a human level.

However, someone volunteering too many details when they weren’t asked for, can be a way of distracting you from what your intuition otherwise might have picked up on. When people lie, even though you might actually be buying into their story, they aren’t convinced that they sound credible.

So with Typecasting, the manipulator purposely says you are one way & you feel compelled to prove them right or wrong. Sadly, even when women feel creeped out by such highly manipulative questions, they are conditioned to answer politely.

The predator prematurely forces trust when moments ago none existed.Hence they add additional details to support their lie.For example: A stranger who magically appears and happens to be heading to the same floor of the building you are, strikes up a conversation.Although something feels off to you, he appears to be “nice” enough as he tells you how bad he feels that he is hours late on the promise he made to feed his sisters dog.While polite exchanges between people are common, a stranger volunteering too many details about why they are heading to the same floor, should be a warning bell.

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