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But then I actually started missing them as he started chatting on a serious note.

The devices are built atop Facebook’s Messenger platform, and the communication software is hooked into a user’s web of Facebook connections.

After a few chats, we were convinced that ‘This is the one’ and we added each other on FB. What could be a better way to take revenge on my Ex.

On seeing her profile, I discovered that she is the sister of my ex’s beau. We both are committed now and about to meet with each other’s families. I once chatted with this guy who was pretty obsessed with his bodily functions, poops and farts to be specific.

But, I would never tell her that on our first date, her bikini reminded me of my Ex. I once went to the extent of visiting a particular café everyday with the expectation of seeing the girl who told me over chat on Neargroup that she worked there.

I was madly in love with her and had also assigned an image to her in my mind.

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