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Setup Webcam Setup Ani Maker Software to capture stop motion The craft papers Before we begin, we learn the theory behind how animation works: persistence of vision.

An afterimage continues to stay in the retina for one twenty-fifth of a second.

Working in relation to A3 size paper, we produce a 640 x 480px animation.

Different movable pieces are made separately then reassembled back during animation, planning ahead and following these storyboards are extremely important.

Any other ideas and suggestions related to live online webcams are welcome.

I have a chance to experience how paper cutout stop motion can be done.

You can use this ATDHE web anytime you want, however we recommend to use

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February 4, 2019 The visitors comments section is now in a fully functional mode.

The Champion team wins a fully sponsored trip to Dream Works USA!

is running their 6th nation-wide animation competition this year. After which, these clips are judged by the panel of judges and open to public for voting.

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Our character, Mr Pumpkin Paper Cutouts To begin, you’ll first have to secure the background and the paper elements with blue tack.

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