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Matt: Marc is a licensed private investigator and cyber intelligence expert, and he's the vice president and co-founder of the Know It All Intelligence Group, a national investigative services company based in Philadelphia, PA.

Any phone numbers that you're giving our for your private life, that can be your personal phone number.

You're completely limiting the marketing, you're completely limiting the advertising people will do because they don't know who that number belongs to so they can't sell that information to third parties who then prey on people to try to sell them things. We’re proud to be your number one provider of temporary and disposable phone numbers to protect you and your clients.For instance, if I knew you were in Maryland for a conference, and I started calling around to hotels to try and find you, I would use a Burner number so that my number couldn't be traced back to our investigative firm.We utilize that when we're making certain deals on Craigslist, when we're searching human trafficking, things like that.We use it on a daily basis in almost every aspect of our investigations.Usually, we will create a separate Burner number for every investigation that we're doing.

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