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Quelles sont les deux plus vieilles lettres de l’alphabet?

C’est clair: A, G(What are the two oldest letters in the alphabet?

Even if you’re not a big joke teller, taking a look at the funny side of French can be a really useful and enjoyable exercise.

There are hundreds of Toto jokes to be enjoyed, and if you want more, there are a number of written compilations of the series.

”“Sous mon banc,” il répond.(Toto is at school and asks if he can go to the toilet. Then, she asks Toto, “Where is the largest river in the world?

”“Under my bench,” he answers.)Toto is a popular figure in French jokes and pops up time and again.

Making jokes part of your learning routine is sure to shake things up and might just be the change you need to really get motivated!

What’s more, you’re much more likely to remember things that leave a lasting impression on you, and jokes are guaranteed to do just that.

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