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Hanging out is what tabloids say when they tell us whom Scott Disick has been spotted with, and hanging out is also something you can do with your friends that does not imply the least bit of sex at all.

It would seem that "hanging out" is just a euphemism for "hooking up," and "dating" is just what we call "going on actual dates, whether seriously or not," but it can be hard to tell.

The plan gets derailed when they each fall in love and have to secretly work around their pledge to bachelorhood, while trying to figure out the complications of modern day relationships.

loosely) that has progressed beyond a third or fourth date, but hasn't been declared "exclusive," I have no idea what to tell my friends I'm doing when I plan on hanging out with said person on a given night.

She shares gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and personal stories on her food blog,

You've been dating that special someone for awhile now and established that you aren't seeing other people.

Guys think much differently about these kinds of things, so what you think is a total disaster is really pretty meaningless. If you meet your significant other at work, maybe you never really go on real dates – you just chat between meetings, grab lunch, etc. You can connect with someone whether you’re laughing and chatting over take-out in his apartment or sharing nachos at the nearest bar.

When you eventually hook up, you already feel like you spend a ton of time together since you see each other on a daily basis, so things get serious pretty fast. The connection is the important thing, not where it takes place.

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