White man beaten for dating black woman

Or is it because when voters were purged unjustly from the rolls in Florida Jesse Jackson protested? Anyone who cannot see that Jesse Jackson is shameless in these kinds of actions hasn't been paying much attention these days.

Is it because they shine a big bright light on feelings that you would rather surpress and hide under the statement "I am not racist".

A white man was beaten, stabbed, and burned with lit cigarettes because he dated a black woman! Originally posted by jeeze louise I can't understand why some people still feel this way.If blacks and whites are equal, what's wrong with black women?My husband thinks it's because black guys are good at BSing people and black women know it while white women fall for it.if anyone does have a problem, then they can stick it where the sun don't shine! I just don't like when people play the race card and do the old "woe-is-me-my-ancestor-was-a-slave" bit to get their way.Racists come in all colors, they're not just white. If you have quotes of some sort where these men have made racist statements against whites or others please post them.

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