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In fact, the birth of a kid is, in fact, the beginning of a whole new phase of your relationship. You’ll also learn new strengths, and experience new joys, and explore new depths and dimensions of your partnership that were previously unknown.

And like every other phase of your relationship, there will surely be new challenges, and you’ll probably learn about flaws each other has that you never knew about before. The dynamics can change, there’s no doubt of that, but who you are together as a unit takes on so much more meaning.

Akiva Schaffer is a current writer for Saturday Night Live, a film director, an Emmy-winning songwriter, and a member of The Lonely Island, a sketch-comedy troupe that originated on the Internet, which includes SNL cast member Andy Samberg and SNL writer Jorma Taccone.

And in so many ways, parenting together does the opposite of ruining your relationship—it makes it endlessly stronger.

Here’s how: you did; I don’t know your life.) Neither of you were planning on going anywhere, but now that there’s someone else in the equation, your feelings of protectiveness for your family unit will grow exponentially.

The feeling of parenting together has made my partner and I closer than I ever thought possible.

Feeling like you’re in it together makes the hard times seem a little less hard.

Even if your partner isn’t biologically connected to your kids, if you’re raising them together, they’re bound to pick up so many of your beloved’s habits and mannerisms, and it never stops being awesome to watch. “She totally gets that smirk from you,” or, “His eyebrows are YOURS, wow!

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The trio – Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer – pitched a song title “Why Not Me” but were told it was “financially and logistically impossible.” Thankfully, the group is releasing the song away!

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