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Then, at the David La Chapelle shoot, she was dressed as some kind of god­dess and just want­ed to go home and sing twistin’ in jock­ey silks, flam­boy­ance and fun have tak­en over.

Jane Buss­mann meets the pair who prove you don’t have to get shot to be hip hop royalty On a Fri­day night in Los Ange­les, Justin Timberlake’s supreme­ly daft, faux-Japan­ese restau­rant Chi is full of peo­ple try­ing to be seen.

The very feminine charms that are keeping her relevant today are the same ones who made the legendary rapper Andre 3000 fall for her.

The year 1995 proved to be a watershed moment for Erykah.

Kelis is younger and cuter than her pho­tographs but wears the expres­sion of some­one open­ing a Christ­mas present after the last one turned out to be a wasp.

Andre is slim, qui­et and dressed as a Thir­ties cruise-lin­er cap­tain.He also discusses his relationship with tennis superstar Serena Williams.“We’re just friends now,” Common admitted, after he and Serena called it quits earlier this year.In per­son, every­thing about Out Kast’s front­man seems calm, from his yoga pos­ture and slow smile to his veg­an diet.He has an impres­sive per­son­al­i­ty trait: mak­ing women love him with­out mak­ing eye contact.

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