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Before Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, Diplo and Katherine Lockhart were the original conscious uncouplers.The only difference is that this consciously uncoupled pair takes breaks from being consciously uncoupled to make more children.

When Diplo isn't starting ill-advised Twitter beef with the Swift/Lorde BFF brigade or allegedly hanging out with Katy Perry, he's reproducing.Lockhart quit her job to be a full-time mother after Lockett was born, and the pair gave living together a try for a while.Ultimately, they called it quits but stayed in touch for the well-being of their son.Diplo makes a huge chunk of his wealth from touring, however, he has been able to diversify his sources in recent years.The DJ invests in Matchabar and earns from a handful of endorsement partners including Barcadi.

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The name Diplo may not immediately ring a bell to the average music lover, but the disc jockey is behind the beats of some of your favorite songs.

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