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After she prepares herself, fear is never a part of it.I expected success and health, so I made sure I surrounded myself with it.By the time I had my third baby, childbirth seemed a very natural part of life to me.”Erykah also revealed that her Tweeting during labor with Mars was a dare.Questlove and The Roots bet she wouldn’t go on Twitter while she was labor, and Badu took on the challenge.On April 25, Badu took to Twitter to reveal that Seven was accepted into four colleges. Dream worked.” According to the Atlanta Black Star, Badu has said Seven Sirius plans to major in psychology, arts, and science. The 45-year-old told the outlet that her youngest daughter is a gymnast and very into sports. And I don’t know how that happened, but she, is atomically me, chemically me.” Badu says her son is most like his father. Badu homeschooled her son, Seven Sirius, through kindergarten and first grade.Badu and Andre 3000 dated from 1995 to 1999, and though they split soon after their son’s birth, the two remain close today. In 2009, the singer told People, “I wanted to give [him] special attention academically, to give him an advantage.” She added on, “He does not want to miss school or be late or be untidy or not have his things in order because that was a big part of how he was brought up.

I didn’t even know she was going to read it…That’s the way it is. Speaking in 2014 with Vibe, Andre discussed his relationship with his former ‘baby mama’. I don’t have any idea what Seven is going to choose to do, but he knows how to be disciplined and how to learn, and because of that he’s one of the top students in his school, and one of the top students in Dallas.”Along with being very involved in her children’s schooling, Erykah has chosen a vegan lifestyle for them.She tells People, “When Seven was born I was a vegetarian and his father [Andre 3000] was too, so it was a natural progression for him in life to eat the things we eat… It’s just what’s in the house.”In her interview with People, Badu revealed that she birthed all three children at home.“Your light is created for you to be in this world and put that light up on a lamp stand so that anyone who walks into that roomwill see that light. Sometimes we dim our light, most importantly, because we don’t truly believe in that light.“Well, as I started to discover that I didn’t believe in my path, even though I found my path, I started to work on myself. And that took like, me sittin’ down reading books that fed me. Waking up in the morning, saying the things that I wanted. Believin’ it and speakin’ it till I started believe in it more and more.

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You try to break up with some guys and they act like it never happened.

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