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Young Up In support of the album, Feist has confirmed her first live appearances since 2015.

Pleasure Studies, Episode 8: A Man Is Not His Song: The Alter Ego’s Avatar Ft @chillygonzales @mhruskin @stet_that Produced by @Rachel Matlow Available at or wherever you get your podcasts pic.twitter.com/h C6HKhjgn N Odyssey 💗 The Odyssey project was borne of a series of improvisations made by Todd Dahlhoff, Leslie Feist (@Feist Music) & Shazad Ismaily during the @37d03d residency in Berlin August 2018.

He requires a lot of exercise, enjoys being chased through the house and being hooked to a leash and walked after each meal.

He is a fantastic companion, good looking and knows he’s good looking.

@Feist Music's Pleasure Studies is also excellent.🎙️ #Podcasts For The People buff.ly/2GNYEVg pic.twitter.com/js Jw YSd Hn7 Pleasure Studies, Episode 5: Century: The Cosmic Elastic Band Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts. Wortmann, Joy Simmonds Produced by @Rachel Matlow and @Vee Simmonds pic.twitter.com/we J3Irg VHG Pleasure Studies, Episode 4: Born to Bond: Modern Intimacy Is On Acid Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts.

Ft Mutamba and Olivia, @Joanna Angel and @thesmallhands_, @Lucia OSullivan1 Produced by @robbielackritz pic.twitter.com/LMKHHwsdc W Pleasure Studies, Episode 3: Young Up: Aspirational Bragging Rights Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts.

George Washington also mentioned the dogs in his diary.

Abraham Lincoln wrote a poem that mentioned "fice" dogs before the Civil War.

Check out @Feist Music new podcast - I'm in this episode! What's better than a bit (or a lot) of wine and tickets to a show at @Mountain Winery? I've come such a long way from the fear I felt. 3 of us talk about coming to ourselves despite mental health, immigration status, and gender identity. I’ve woven my story and vulnerability into my own radio stories, but this time I surrendered my recollections and reflections to other producers.This Friday, Feist’s new album Pleasure will finally be released and to mark the occasion we figured an essential Feist list is required.Whether you’re an original Feist fan or a newcomer, let this list be a celebration of the Canadian artist’s past and present.becu.us/2WZk6Rg pic.twitter.com/rm Nxf BUx QO Second #podcast column is here!I fell down a deep, deep @dissectpodcast / @SYSKPodcast hole....

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