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Alone onstage with only his acoustic guitar, Dulli tapped into his soul man influences and asked the crowd to "give it up for the man who had sang 45 songs across two shows tonight", but before long, he was back in the same pensive mood he'd been in for most of the night.Many people have paid tribute to David Bowie this year and even more will as it passes, but many of them will go for one of the Thin White Duke's more iconic or affecting songs – "Heroes", "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars? Dulli, almost comically on-brand, went for the one that Bowie wrote about trying to find love in a world while wrestling with life and God and delivered it in a nearly dirge-like fashion that's a far cry from the kinetic kick-snap of the original arrangement.But while the fictional body count remained low, there were a few overeager audience members that might have pushed up the number of real life casualties if they hadn't calmed themselves down."The first thing to know about a Greg Dulli show is that Greg Dulli picks the songs," said the Afghan Whigs frontman to a particularly loud and repeated request for "Algiers".“It changes, in our vintage way, because when we used to write songs on the road, we’d practice them in front of people.”Now, he says, “we’re better players. Not to put down what we did – we had a ramshackle, wild quality that I fully embrace and appreciate – but we can straight deal it now.”Band revivals go one of two ways, either “Now I remember why we stopped doing this,” or “Why did we ever stop doing this? “My entire life is a combination of those two, the band not-withstanding,” Dulli joked. “We’re going to write some songs and see what happens. Now you don’t get to ask me any more.”THE AFGHAN WHIGSWhat: The reunited '90s alt-rock band, featuring singer and parttime New Orleans resident Greg Dulli, performs as part of its reunion tour. We’ve become friends over the last couple years, and have discussed this for a while. We’ve even discussed making an instrumental record. He’s a bit of a hero to me.”Eventually he’ll make another Twilight Singers record. On “Gentlemen,” “Black Love” and “1965,” Dulli explored his anti-hero persona, plumbing the darker recesses of the male psyche in general, and his own in particular, against a rambunctious rock and soul stew.The Whigs toured far and wide, enjoying much acclaim – Spin named “Gentlemen” one of the 100 best albums released from 1985-2005 – and moderate success.

In those albums, Dulli tapped into his own personal grief, rather than his antihero fantasies, to generate a potently dark undercurrent, and when songs like "Martin Eden", "Bonnie Brae", "There's Been an Accident", and "Teenage Wristband" were presented in a more stripped-down format, they lost none of their urgency.

He launched the Twilight Singers with various local musicians as an after-hours alternative to the Whigs.

Multiple Twilight Singers albums and tours, each with a different cast, followed.

It was this body of work that made up the majority of the setlist at the Triple Door, completely eschewing the punk- and soul-damaged rock of his main band in favor of focusing on Dulli's 2000s-era work, primarily with the Twilight Singers.

And while Dulli's Twilight Singers work with might not have gotten as much attention upon its release as the notoriously-overlooked Whigs' albums did, they've aged just as well, perhaps even better, because they tell the story of what happened when the man behind the baleful characters of started writing more directly about himself, and it's those songs have been the cornerstones of this tour's setlists.

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