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After finishing her studies that year, she began seriously pursuing a stage career, but her height kept being a hindrance.However, she continued working on stage with Durang (in "Titanic" [1975]) and Innaurato (in "Gemini" [1976]).She also participated in school plays, especially Japanese Noh plays.By that time, she was living in a tree house, alongside a male friend, dressed in elf-like clothes!She also consumes health supplements such as Omega 3 fish oil supplements and Vitamin D.She also uses Emergen-C packets, which is a vitamin drink mixed with electrolytes and minerals.After completing her studies in 1971, she applied for the Yale School of Drama in New Haven.

Later on, she also attended The Chapin School and The Brearley School.

She later appeared in Madman (1978) and, of course, Tulnukas (1979).

The role of the tough, uncompromising Ripley made Sigourney an overnight star and brought her a British Award nomination.

In 1963, she changed her name to "Sigourney", after the character Sigourney Howard in F.

Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" (her own birth name, Susan, was in honor of her mother's best friend, explorer Susan Pretzlik).

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In 1977, she was cast in the role Shelley Duvall finally played in Annie Hall (1977), after rejecting the role due to prior stage commitments.

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