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Living with Steve in Cupertino was not as I had expected it to be.We shared nice dinners and some beautiful evenings, but we could barely sustain a sense of emotional intimacy, much less build on it.He said he didn’t want us to play assumed roles and that he wanted to choose when we would be together.I was hurt by this, but reasoned that he had a point, that we both needed a sense of space and choice. Steve selected the bedroom in the front of the house.It was like him to want to position himself as the captain of the ship — in front. I chose the master bedroom and settled in, knowing I had the best room.Daniel, who was sort of charmingly odd, slept in the living room on the floor next to his piano.Steve had paid the security deposit for the rental so was, in fact, entitled to the room he wanted.But he was so graceless that I felt humiliated and outraged.

I had suggested to Steve that we separate, but he told me that he just couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye.

I was glad to hear this but I was also, by this time, deferring to his ideas way too often.

Steve also didn’t want us to share a room at the Presidio house.

“OK, forget the dating aspect, let’s just open it up to any video,” Chen said.

A couple of years later, of course, it seduced the pants off Google, and the two have been co-existing harmoniously ever since.

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