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He got this." And then I started doing these parts where I was the stoner for like 10 years. They'd see you in this part, then they're like, "Oh get Steve, the guy played that." And even though that might be opposite, I live on a farm. Though Zahn says he’s nothing like the Gen X stoners he got famous playing, in person he's as mellow and affable as any of them, which reads more like "fun dad energy" than anything else. The Internet's gonna make me rich."He was just willing. He stops the interview to excitedly sing “Happy Birthday” to another table as soon as he spots a waiter with a candle in a cupcake. I don't know if I'm supposed to say that but I truly am. You know that kind of stuff, acceptance, having to hide. It puts it more on the individual because you don't have rehearsals and you don't have the time to talk about what you're doing. When I die, you know they'll go, "Wait, what's that guys name? I'm always amazed when a guy yells at the kid for kicking the soccer ball in his yard. I always wanna ask that guy, "Were you a dick when you were six? In film it gets lost sometimes, because of how fast it's done and the logistics involved to shoot it.“He’s told friends her affair just took his heart out,” the pal said.Friends said Cohen had believed the relationship was a recent development, but Zahn’s book shows their relationship was much more “long-term” than Cohen had ever suspected.

Somebody thinks they peg you, and you're like, "Ah! Characters who are vulnerable and should have a lot of vulnerability. That's curious that you’d look at a character like Michael Fenne and immediately see vulnerability. It wouldn't be interesting to play the superhero that way. You don't have to psychologist to fucking understand that. I don't think it was something I wanted to do, like as a life. It's football season, let's play football. You know there's plenty of examples of stuff where you're like, "Yeah, but is it real or is it just in writing? " He was an iconic character, but he could be played today.

Zahn, 51, and Cohen haven’t yet filed divorce papers, and Cohen’s friends said he thought they were trying to work out an amicable agreement until Friday, when Zahn socked him with a lawsuit demanding he account for the whereabouts of her estimated million in earnings over the past 20 years. “She wants one way or another to break the agreement and go after his entire net worth,” the source said of the out-of-work TV personality.

The suit accused Cohen, who’s acted as Zahn’s financial manager since 1986, of putting much of her money into “highly illiquid limited liability companies.” It also charged that “some of her earnings had been diverted to Mr. “Richard would like to end this in keeping with total regard for the prenup, which will still leave her a very wealthy woman, with tens of millions of dollars,” the source said.

“He doesn’t want to drag their children through the mud,” said one friend.

“If they’re going to stoop into the sewer, he’s not going to go with them.” Zahn’s lawyers didn’t return calls for comment.

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